KLW is the  wheel brand of steel pipe and railway wheels producer Interpipe.

KLW was designated as the strong, single brand of Interpipe’s wheel division consolidating sales to all strategic markets. 

KLW's product portfolio includes about 240 types of railway wheels for freight and passenger cars, locomotives and mass transportation cars as well as approximately 80 types of railway tyres for locomotives, freight and passenger cars.


The vision for KLW

We base our vision of being a truly global railway wheels brand by understanding the aspirations of our clients.

We strive to become the preferred partner of our customers.

We aim to achieve this goal by integrating ourselves within the manufacturing processes of our clients, adding real value to their products and providing first-rate customer service.

Importantly, we actively seek and develop long-term strategic partnerships with our clients, who benefit from our consistent and transparent approach.

Our strategic partnerships with the world’s largest railway companies give us the opportunity to foresee major market trends and to stay ahead of competitors.


KLW: with key markets on four continents

Our global network is strong with clients in 60 countries on five continents. Our years of manufacturing and supply experience enable us to compete successfully everywhere where there is a major railway operation.


Railway wheels under KLW brand are used by some of the best known global railway wheels operators and wagon building companies – in Europe, North America, India and other developing markets as well as in the CIS.

We posses years of experience in partnership with railways with Polish state railways, Austrian Federal Railways, Bulgarian State Railways, as well as Ukrainian, Slovenian and Indian railways.   

Among our customers are wagon building companies such as RAFIL (Germany), Bombardier (Great Britain), Sinara Transport Machines (Russia), Kryukov (Ukraine), Barnaul (Russia) and Gomel (Belarus) railway car building works, Rustavi (Georgia) and others.


Origins of global producer

The starting point of the KLW history  was over seventy years ago when the first railway wheel was produced at Interpipe NTRP mill.


The key dates in our history

1935 The first wheel rolled off the production line

1970 Ten millionth railway wheel produced

1972  New production line for railway wheels and tyres was launched

1979  Wheels under KLW brand started to be supplied across Easter Europe

1984  A major modernisation programme at railway wheels shop was introduced  

1990 The first supplies of KLW wheels in India and China

1999 Sales company KLW Wheelco was found in Switzerland

2000 Interpipe recognized as the largest railway wheels exporter

2002 - 2008 Interpipe implemented a full programme of significant investment to increase production capacities at the Interpipe NTRP mill